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Rainwater Harvesting Eases Water Crisis

October 19, 2015 Journal
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We finished installing a rainwater harvesting system for Teolinda and her son David today. They'll have a great deal more water this summer than last year, with ways to expand the capacity. We'll keep adapting, innovating, perfecting the system. Thanks to Pastor Tomas Vivanco and Raul Olivares for their ingenuity and spirit. ¡Viva Chile!

Rural Chile faces a water crisis every summer, as the springs and wells dry up with little to zero rainfall in summer months. The government is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trucking water in to communities. With these and additional tanks, enough rainwater can be stored before the summer, to substantially reduce or eliminate the need for trucked'in water. 

This project, designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of rainwater harvesting and stimulate its replication, is made by possible by a grant from One Great Hour of Sharing gifts and IM's World Relief Committee.

More installations to come between now and the end of the year!