International Ministries

Sowing New Seeds

December 8, 2015 Journal
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"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten son of the Father, full of grace and truth."
John 1:14


Dear all,

Another year is coming to an end and we can say we have seen the glory of God being manifested in the lives of many who receive Jesus as Saviour of their lives.

As we said in the previous letter, here in the UK the challenge of preaching the gospel is huge. This is supposed to be a Christian nation, but in practice is far from what the Bible teaches.

Despite the spiritual coldness in this nation and Europe, this has not prevented the move of God.



We're at the end of the first course of evangelization (Alpha Course) in Litcham village and the result has been excellent!! Our goal is to get another one in March. Pray, because the village is quite conservative, and people are not very open to new things. We need new contact with community key persons who will facilitate access and the involvement of local people. We believe that God is already there preparing everything.


The Alpha Courses held in the town of Dereham, where we live, have been wonderful. There were four courses held in different places and days. We praise God because lives were surrendered at the feet of Christ, people who knew nothing of the Gospel and now want more and more of God. Recently an English boyfriend of a Brazilian lady, started going to the Alpha course, he said he did not believe in God but accepted the challenge to participate in the course. He finished the course and is now attending the services and wants to get to know more about God. At the moment, he is being discipled by Pastor Jorge. Others who were also part of the Alpha courses, are now part of the church cell groups. They are very keen on their new journey with the Lord.


Once a month we hold an international club meeting where we meet people of different nationalities. It takes place in the church hall with an approximate number of 30 people. They are immigrants who came to start a new life in UK.

They spend most of their time working hard, without any social interaction. So we created the international club to meet some of the needs of the immigrants to create bonds of friendship which helps them not to fee isolated.

The international club promotes different courses and activities of interest to the immigrants. We invite NGOs to inform the immigrant how the country can assist them with their basic needs and the church could not fail to be there, represented by us and some church members, offering spiritual help.

We currently have two families from Romania which, at times, come to the church services. There are also many people who want advice and prayers.

Most of the migrants we see are very religious and religion for them is part of their culture and traditions. This worldview sometimes hinders them from understanding the cross of Christ. Please pray for the migrants and the stranger among us.


In November, the missionary Hermelinda, started in our house a meeting for women called: International Women Meeting with two objectives: to befriend with migrant women and create opportunities for shearing the Gospel with them. This meeting was attended by 14 women from different nationalities: Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Brazilian and English. Please pray for the next meeting in January for more women to come. This meeting will be held every two months.

Brothers and sisters it is good to share the wonders of the Lord with you, know that you are also participants in this through your prayers and financial contributions. We are together sharing the gospel of Christ, the Son of God, whose birth will shortly be celebrated throughout the Christian world. God is ahead of us, preparing the way, breaking barriers, opening the door ... well, Christ is our general.



In Christ,

Jorge & Mel Damasceno

International Ministries Missionaries