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Reach, Rescue, and Restore Women and Children in 2016: How You Make it Possible

December 29, 2015 Journal
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Dear Friends of NightLight,

2015 is coming to a close, and we are already excited about the possibilities for 2016. We would love for you to partner with us in changing lives through outreach, rescue, and restoration in 2016. Would you consider making an end of the year gift for the work of NightLight Bangkok in 2016?  Your financial partnership will enable us to continue to change and impact lives in 2016 the following ways:

Provide employment and job training to Thai women leaving prostitution or sexual trafficking through jewelry production, silk-screening shirts, sewing shirts and scarves, coffee shop barista, baking and cake decorating, child care, outreach ministry, and clerical work.
– 34 Thai women are presently employed at NightLight.

Provide child care and tuition scholarships for employees' children and the children of the community who are at risk.
– 27 children of employees and the nearby at-risk community are in childcare.
– 21 children of employees received tuition scholarship.

Provide holistic opportunities for restoration for the women in our programs.
– All the women participate in the programs and many have begun to take on leadership roles in caring for others.
Provide medical screening and intervention for women in prostitution and those who are trafficked.
– Over 100 women received medical check-ups every year.

Provide for outreach to Thai and International women through activities in the outreach centre and building relationships in the bars, brothels, and on the streets.
– Over 1000 women are contacted directly through outreach every year.
– 2000+ gifts were given out at Valentines, Women's Day, and Christmas in 2015. Over 100 women came to the outreach centre in for beauty salons, English classes, and clinics.

Rescue, shelter and repatriation for international women from Africa, Asia, Central Asia, and South America.
– Over 32 international women were assisted through housing, medical care, and/or repatriated in 2015. Many wait for assistance in 2016.

Sustain Through Monthly Giving
– Would you consider an end of the year donation to give us a good start to 2016? It is incredibly helpful to us when people give recurring donations as well. When we have a base of supporters giving monthly we can budget and plan well for the programs and individuals. Please consider a monthly donation. No gift is too small to make an impact.

$25,000 a Month Made Possible Because of You!

So many of you have been giving to us regularly for years and we can not say enough to express just how much we appreciate your generosity. The many programs which bring intervention, rescue, and restoration cost around $25,000 a month. Most of this is made possible because of generous donors like you.

NightLight Women Giving in Joy

The women of NightLight each donated $10 this Christmas to buy gifts and share with the sick at government hospitals. It was so fun to see how they have discovered the joy of giving. Ten dollars is a sacrifice for them, but they are learning to be aware of the needs of others and rather than see themselves as victims, to recognize they are overcomers who can share from their experiences and blessings with others. Would you encourage them in their giving and bless them by providing for their ongoing employment and restoration? Their lives have changed and now they are having an impact on others around them. Thank you for making this possible!

From all of us at NightLight in Bangkok, Thank You and Happy New Year!

Annie Dieselberg
Founding CEO
NightLight International

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