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AMOS Global Health Education Coordinator, Nicaragua (Volunteer Opportunity)

January 8, 2016 Opportunity
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The goal of the Global Health Education Coordinator at AMOS is to facilitate relevant volunteer experiences at AMOS to 1) help support ongoing research and program improvement 2) train future global health leaders in integral community based primary health care (CBPHC) and 3) to pilot the integration of short term volunteer missions with long term public health projects.

As a Christian organization, we strive to have a strength-based approach to public health integrating spiritual, emotional, physical and social health at the core of our public health interventions. Within this context, the Coordinator of Public Health Education plays a critical role of blending evidence-based public health interventions with core Christian values to support and guide AMOS volunteers and students within the long-term public health program at AMOS.

This position reports to the AMOS Medical Director and is responsible for: 1) development of public health projects for volunteers in coordination with the AMOS rural health team for volunteers (year-round), 2) development and preparation of Global Health Practicums, 3) provision of mentorship and guidance as a preceptor for practicum/summer interns and 4) project reporting.

Education and Experience:

At least 2 years’ experience working in Public Health

Experience with community organizing, education, and training

Masters in Public Health

Experience coordinating volunteers and projects preferred


Excellent written and spoken Spanish

Experience working with teams, facilitating groups and high level of interpersonal skills

Ability to work with youth in low literacy settings

Creativity and with a high degree of initiative


Experience in curriculum development

Experience in evaluation and monitoring

Level of Authority:

This position works closely with the AMOS Medical Director and AMOS Volunteer Manager. This role is to report directly to the AMOS Medical Director. This position is in charge of a Volunteer coordinator who helps to recruit, screen, and coordinate new volunteers who come into the program.

Special Work Conditions:

This position travels to rural areas at least once a month during high season (March-August) for a period of 5 to 12 days.

To Apply: Please contact AMOS Volunteer Manager, Desiree Sanabria or Alberto Mena, Recruitment Manager