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Exploring a New Field - Yunnan, China

February 11, 2016 Journal
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We praise the Lord for His leading and provision, expanding our service from the Macau people to the global Chinese churches. The areas we will serve include Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China with the new ministry title – Director of Global Chinese Training MinistryWe will work with overseas partners and IM personnel to identify strategic locations to provide discipleship and pastoral training. Building on our service experience in church and campus ministries in Ohio and at the Macau Bible Institute, we will help Christian training centers and Bible schools to run assessments and improve their curricula, libraries and faculty development. We will also serve as IM liaisons to partners in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and global Chinese churches.

Currently, we are focusing on the Yunnan Project in Yunnan province, China. In order to achieve the new ministry goal, we moved from Macau to Hong Kong as the mission base. By His grace, we currently live at ABIM’s mission apartment in Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.

January 21-27, we made our first field trip to Yunnan province.  The objective was to visit two minority tribe training centers:  the Wa tribe and Lahu tribe. We flew from Hong Kong to Kunming (its capital), Yunnan. From there we traveled by car and airplane in order to visit the two training centers in different county/city.  During the seven-day trip, we spent about 4 days on the road, 2 days and nights in the Wa Training Center and only three hours at the Lahu Training Center.

When we arrived, both centers had already begun their winter break, but thankfully, most of the students and teachers were able to travel back from long distances to meet with us. The Lord blessed us with a fruitful trip, and we were able to have open communication with all of them in singing, discussing, dining and worshiping together. Everywhere we went, they would generously host us with their best – the poultry, pork, beef, fish, and veggies which were delicious, seasoned with the local flavors. We were also invited to visit the believers in the village and join a celebration of a new cattle farm.

Over all, Wa and Lahu tribes love singing and dancing as much as the other ethnicities in Thailand and Myanmar. The training centers and the villages are in the rural areas among the mountains where most of the people need to travel long distances, either by car, motorcycle or walking. Their resources in every aspect are very limited. For this reason, both centers asked for help materially (such as financial support for the music instruments, hardware and literature) and teaching.

The day before we flew back to Hong Kong, we had dinner with Rev. Yu, the chairman of Yunnan Province Christian Council and Christian Three-self Patriotic Movement committee. He gave us a general picture of the situation regarding the churches, the graduates from Yunnan Theological Seminary  (the only seminary in Yunnan province),  and college young people.  He also emphasized the need for help.

To conclude this trip, we experienced the truth that our Lord’s ways higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts.  Beforehand, He knew the need in this place, far away from Ohio, the places in Yunnan province. So when the time came, He brought us to China, by way of Macau, to serve His people in Yunnan province by bringing teams of teachers and helpers in the future. Therefore, we are planning the second trip during May or June. Please join our prayers that the Lord will (1) prepare the training teachers (from the States), (2) put all things in the proper setting for the entire team and (3) protect everyone's health.  During this trip, both of us had digestive issues.  Acclimatization is the most frequent problem we have while traveling from place to place.  Thank you for your consistent prayers which sustain and bless us. 

May the Lord also bless you with joy and encouragement as we serve Him by your support.