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April 4, 2016 Journal
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The Theological School Began in 2003

In 2003 the First Baptist Church of Fairbury, IL sent the seed money to begin the Theological School of La Paz project.  At that moment in time we were praying about how God wanted us to serve our partners in their desire for a theological education program.  A Mexican family had just offered to donate land for educational purposes.  When Fairbury contacted us with a desire to support this work at the same time, we sensed God’s leading as these resources converged.  That same year a group came down from Fairbury to start the project.  They dug and poured the initial foundation, and started laying block. Over the next ten years, mission teams from different churches came and built classrooms, a bathroom, and a storage area.

The Kitchen Project began in 2014

The kitchen project began in 2014 by a combined group from Parkesburg Baptist Church, PA and Roxboro Presbyterian, PA.  They dug the footings and poured the foundations.  The Mexican Baptist churches of La Paz got the walls up.  Soon after a group of six women from Calvary Baptist Church in Newark, DE, broke gender barriers by tying rebar and getting the roof ready to pour.  Then, thirteen years after starting the Theological School project, FBC of Fairbury returned in February 2016 for a third time.  This trip was to wrap up the kitchen project!

Fairbury's Dedicated Activity

In a non-stop week of dedicated activity, the Fairbury team wired, plumbed, tiled, built shelving, painted, installed lighting and electrical fixtures, & poured a counter top and a floor.  They laughed, prayed, and ate together with our Mexican Partners. They provided a refrigerator, gas tank for the stove, wrought iron bars over the windows, purchased windows that were installed, and left enough to replace a large outside door that will seal the interior area.  They left tired & rejoicing! The new kitchen would be a ready blessing for the 10 students and approximately 800 Mexican Baptists in the 13 churches of the Southern Baja Mexican Baptist Convention. 

From Start to Finish

It was a significant moment for me (David) as I stood in the middle of it all aware that FBC Fairbury was the first group to begin work on the Theological School, and--for awhile--they may be the last as most of the first floor plan is completed.  They poured the first foundation and literally finished with a kitchen floor.  It felt like completeness, faithfulness, and providence. God supplied what was necessary to finish what God had started.  It modeled community working and being together.  A space created for wholeness to satisfy hungry bodies in a place designed to feed hungry minds and hearts with God’s word. 

As a missionary, I was humbled and proud of my partnerships with the Mexican Baptists, the members of First Baptist Fairbury, and all the other mission teams who invested in the Theological School of La Paz project.  Thank you to everyone who made this school a reality!