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Rocky Mountain High! Pre-Field Cultural Training

April 20, 2016 Journal
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One of the things I believe is essential in fostering the healing process of trauma is to be able to meet a person where they are.  Not only that but it’s also cathartic to encourage and allow a person to “tell their story.”  I readily learned while on my Vision Trip that when the girls at the Baptist Vocational Training Centre (BVTC) are in the midst of a crisis or under high stress they quickly revert to their native language, Ewe.  Therefore, it is going to be crucial in counseling the girls and spreading God’s Word to not only learn the language Ewe, but also understand their culture.  

In walking in this belief I am on week 3 of my 4 week Language Acquisition & Cultural Training outside of Denver, Colorado at Mission Training International.

Meet my Phonetics and Hindi Language Instructor, Premela (photos attached) who has supported my learning of new sounds. 

Check out my Pre-Field Cultural Training Video Log (below) with the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park backdrop!  

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