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Update from Judy Flores, Volunteer in Thailand

April 28, 2016 Journal
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Burning Season

Burning season is in full force.  The traditional practice of burning fields after harvest is still widely practiced.  Basically, it's hot, dry, and the air quality is unhealthy.  Wearing a face mask, like our tech guy John, is a common sight. Every day there  are pieces of ash and soot in my yard. and the temperatures have been in the hundreds with no sign of cooling off. 

We need rain.  Please pray for rain. Today I heard of two villages that burned to the ground.  When the flames got near the village, there wasn't enough water to put the fires out. The situation is getting quite serious.

International Day

We always have a wonderful time on International Day.  We have quite a varied representation of nationalities here.  Students and their families give cultural presentations as well as bring in traditional food from their native country.  It is a fun day.  We get to taste food from the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Brazil, India, in addition to my favorite, sticky rice and mango with coconut ice-cream on top.

Special time with friends

Ruthe Simpson and I are enjoying a lovely cup of Thai coffee.   I will be heading back to the U.S. in June to celebrate Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary, and will return in early August to start another school year.

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