International Ministries


June 27, 2016 Journal
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Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement for our travel plans this summer.  Unfortunately our travel/moving plans may become a little more complicated.  We have been informed by multiple sources that the Congolese visa application process is taking much longer than usual.  We applied for our visas early and visas are still being granted, so we are hoping that ours are among those that are approved this coming month.  However, we will need our passports back by early August for traveling and exiting France before our French visa expires, so if our Congolese visas have not been granted by mid-July, we will have to pull our applications and reapply at a later date. 

Given the possibility that our visas may not be granted in time for us to move to Congo in late August, we are discussing and praying about possible Plan B scenarios that include an interim time for us to reapply for our Congolese visas.  Throughout this process, we are reminded that even our best laid plans contain uncertainty.  Moving forward, we have a sense of peace that we have gone forward in faithfulness and the rest is in God's hands.  

As for our language study, we will be saying goodbye to nearly half of our classmates as they move on to ministry in various parts of the world.  It is exciting to see our peers moving forward and yet bittersweet to say goodbye.  

Your co-workers in Christ,
Kyle & Katrina Williams