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July 7, 2016 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. The idea of installing water pumps in the communities was to fight water borne diseases. This program has saved lives by providing clean water close to the homes. Pumps have also freed women and small children, especially small girls from the heavy task of fetching water from miles away day in day out. 

We hear less and less news of cholera in the communities where we have pumps. The amount of thanks we get daily from those using those pumps could fill up the earth.  Please accept their thanks and their gratitude.

Lately our creative people have come up with another idea. In our community of Sodo, one family has created a small business of making bricks close to the pump to benefit from water to wet those bricks. The idea came from a lady working with Kihomi in their development program. The family makes   those bricks to sell. By selling the bricks, this family has created a chain of business without knowing it.

The person selling bags of cement has a customer, the family of Mr. Enoke. The one who transports those bags from the store to the brick site gets paid for his work. Those who make the bricks are paid by the number of bags they use daily. So a poor family is helping feed other families.

Thank you for supporting our clean water ministry.

In Haiti

Nzunga & Kihomi

Dear friends,

We have talked about the health impact of clean water many times.  However, we have not mentioned other benefits that can arise from a project that was done for one reason but spawns other helpful ideas.  This is a great example.  Concrete blocks are the number one building medium in Haiti.  There are no trees for wood so it must be imported along with any metal construction items, which make them very expensive.  There are thousands of block homes with no roofs because of the cost of the metal needed to withstand hurricanes.  After many tries to come up with methods to help with the water problems we have found that digging wells is by far the best.  It is wonderful that it can have a domino effect for employment.  Thank you for your faithful support of this ministry.

Attention Note 1.  We still need a little more than $15000 to pay of the van.  Please prayerfully consider helping get this done this year.

Attention Note 2.  I have been told that some of you are getting inappropriate emails from me.  Evidently my email account has been hacked.  I send out Nzunga’s and Kihomi’s journals, answer questions when asked, and send out thank-you’s to new donors.  If you do not fall into one of these categories, the chances are I did not send it.  Don’t open it and if there are any links in it do not open them.  I apologize for any problems this may have caused you. 

In His Name,

Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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