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July 8, 2016 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. We are back in our home in Haiti. We are ready and rejuvenated for years on our mission field. We have new energy. Why? We have been to Congo, our motherland and reconnected with the mothers after 4 years for n

Nzunga and 5 years for Kihomi. We visited with most of the family members.

This visit was critical as both mothers have aged and we were worried. We sat down with them, shared food, stories and cared for them. We prayed together and they prayed for us as we were leaving.

We also had the chance to pray and fellowship with members in the church we founded years ago.It was a real joy to see children who started their studies under the mango tree in what has become Institut Reverend Nzunga to become medical doctors, lawyers, high school professors, pastors and so on.  What a blessing!

We feel blessed to have another opportunity to visit our motherland.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts, your prayers and your love.

In  Haiti,

Nzunga & Kihomi

Dear Supporters,

It’s great to go home.  One of the many sacrifices Nzunga and Kihomi have made is to leave their families knowing they will not see them often.  Jesus said to follow Him required sacrifice and specifically mentioned leaving families.  What a little sacrifice it is on our part to support them financially but what a great impact this investment has made to the people of Haiti.  Thank You.


Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry


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