International Ministries

Summer Vacation!

July 18, 2016 Journal
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Summers in Illinois are hot, humid! Especially when you are visiting family and friends. We are watching cartoons in English, eating our favorite American foods and spending much needed time with our family and church families.

I must admit that on occasion I find myself asking myself, "How much Rush Limbaugh, Spongebob, and US junk food can I take?" Seriously. 

And then there are those beautiful moments that seem frozen in time, like swimming with my girls in the pool where I learned to swim, or watching Larry speak in churches, pouring out his heart to put a personal face on the refugees.

We return to Hungary soon. I've started having that slight nauseous feeling when we talk about packing and going. Not that I'm not excited to return; in fact, I miss our home, friends, church and school. I keep up with our Hungarian friends on Facebook, and I can't wait to hear their summer stories in person.

The first week of August we have a conference with our International Ministries colleagues in Budapest. We will meet the new Executive Director, Sharon Koh and share stories and ideas with other IM missionaries serving in Europe and the Middle East. Please pray for this gathering, for our safe travel and great, Spirit-filled fellowship.

And pray for us as we prepare to leave our family here. Be especially mindful of our parents and sons. We are so thankful to our partners, Hungarian Baptist Aid for this time at home, and we are so grateful for YOU who make this mission journey possible with your financial and prayer support. We boast in the Lord who gives us all good and perfect gifts!