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Back to school, Greece

September 4, 2016 Journal
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Back to School, Greece

Though we had a wonderful and refreshing time at home this summer, it was nice to come back home to Hungary. At our conference in Budapest, we received great encouragement from our partners, Hungarian Baptist Aid and our leaders and colleagues in International Ministries. Now, summer is over and our work can begin anew.

Last week, Larry returned to Greece for the first time since June. He partnered with a group from Holland, Portugal and Switzerland setting up a women’s center in one of the camps, and he has spent several hours working in storage facilities, helping with distribution of supplies. He finally got to meet with some of the refugees from the former Indomeni camp, playing basketball with lots of children. 

Larry asked a man how this warehouse camp compares to Indomeni, and he said this is much better, with less fighting and access to electricity. Some families have hot plates and fans, but there is still a need for more cooking oil, sugar and other commodities. Please pray for Larry as he navigates the new camps, that doors and hearts are open and he is able to go and love and help where he can. 

Last week, school started in Hungary. In teachers’ meetings I confess I have really struggled with being back immersed once again in a language I don’t understand. I must accept, in faith, that I don’t have to understand everything, participate in every conversation, and that I receive enough social glue from the smiles of and mixed English/Hungarian conversations with co-workers with whom I made good memories last year. 

I will have three elementary classes in the bi-lingual program, 1.a, 2.a, and 3.a, tutoring with middle school students, and I will visit high school classes at the EURO school in Debrecen each Thursday. Please pray that I share the love of Jesus with my students and colleagues and that I do my work well.

We are so thankful for your partnership in the gospel! We are blessed by your generous financial support, faithful prayer and messages of encouragement. We pray the Spirit blesses you!