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Relationships Are What Change Lives

September 6, 2016 Journal
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Over the last 16 years of my time with International Ministries, I’ve had the joy of working with hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers in many areas of service. Volunteers are like a shot of adrenaline when you need it most! You get the energy, excitement and desire to serve where most needed. Sometimes, the biggest problem is asking them to slow down a bit. There will always be work that needs to be done but we can miss moments to build relationships if we focus only on the “job.” One of the most important pieces of advice I give volunteers and volunteer teams is to remember that relationships are what change lives. You can build the best hospital in the world or the most innovative school but people won’t show up unless they trust you and the people working there. To gain trust you must have relationships. 

So how have International Ministries volunteers worked at building relationships around the world? 

They ask the partners what projects are most needed instead of insisting that we American’s know best. 

They listen instead of doing all of the talking. 

They ask questions and learn about the culture where they are serving. 

They recognize that not finishing a project is ok as long as the partners we are working with recognize that we came for THEM and not the WORK. 

Volunteers are vital to work around the world so let’s make sure we are advancing the kingdom with every step we take!

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