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Women's fall rally

September 15, 2016 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. On Saturday, September 10, 2016, women met in Romeo for the Fall rally of Northeast part of the country. The goal was to evaluate the progress of their business activities and to reinforce the training on cholera epidemic since we start having more rain.

Among the scheduled speakers was Mrs. Florcie Tyrell. Florcie is the wife of Pastor Mark Tyrell of our Baptist Church of Terrier Rouge. Mrs. Florcie was to speak on identifying and sharing talents. Before she started her presentation, she said that she has a confession to make because the burden was too heavy to bear. She said: "I was 18 years old when I first meet Mamie Kihomi. She hired me to be her secretary to organize the women bureau at the headquarters of the Baptist Convention in Cap-Haitian. To be honest with you all and with my God, I found that Mamie Kihomi was too demanding and I hated her. Although she taught me how to do the office work, she wanted the details and a job well done and well presented. I resisted the orders she was giving me. Going to the office became a daily burden to me.

When I got pregnant, I left the office because it was a very difficult pregnancy. Years later I went back to school to finish my university. After my graduation I got a good job with an international organization. What was funny with my job at this organization was the fact that everything I resisted with Mamie Kihomi was the same thing I was supposed to be doing there. I became the expert and got a big promotion. Now I have become the disciple of training others on sharing the gifts".

After this moving testimony, Madame Florcie went on to show how she has engaged herself in the business of sharing and promoting other people instead of putting them down. She recommended a lady who did not have any academic credentials. The person who was to hire this lady was disappointed that Florcie, being a good friend, could recommend a lady who did not qualify for the job. The patron called Florcie to ask her why she was sending a non- qualified person.  Florcie encouraged the patron and promised to work with the new hire. Florcie took time to teach the lady what she was supposed to do.

Today that unqualified lady has become the big source of pride for the company. She has been promoted to a high level and the patron has been very happy and satisfied.

Mrs. Florcie thanked mama Kihomi for mentoring and inspiring her. She encouraged her audience (women) to learn with open heart and to do the job the way it should, knowing that today’s training will become a blessing tomorrow. She also asked them to share their talents. When Jesus talks about talents, He is not only talking about money. He is talking about all we have.

Thank you for standing by our side.

In Haiti,

Kihomi & Nzunga

Dear Friends,

The number of people in Haiti that would give similar testimonies is huge.  If you have ever had the privilege to hear Kihomi speak the passion for the women of Haiti comes thru loud and clear.  Many have been lifted up way beyond what the normal Haitian society would say women should become.  They call her Mama for a reason.

Thank you for supporting her.

In His Name,

Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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