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When the Fire Fighters Came

October 6, 2016 Journal
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The local fire department recently came and did an outstanding one-day workshop at the New Life Center.  They taught about us about fire procedures and delegated specific students to be responsible for each duty, including sounding an alarm, leading evacuation, calling the fire department and waiting along the road to signal the fire trucks.

They taught about basic first aid and CPR and advised the students to hold a clean sanitary pad to their nose and mouth to filter smoky air....Who knew?!  The girls also learned how to knot ropes and sheets, how to carry injured people, and how to use a stretcher.

In the afternoon, we had our practicum.  Students practiced using the fire ladder, and climbing down a rope of knotted sheets.  They did a role call  to  make sure everyone was safe. Since we use gas to cook in Thailand, students practiced extinguishing a tank of cooking gas that is on fire.  They used direct manual methods and fire extinguishers.  And yes… I got a chance  to  discharge  a  fire extinguisher for the first time in my life.  

I hope that none of us are ever in a position to have to use the skills we learned in our fire safety workshop.  But if we ever are, at least we will have some idea of what to do.  This fire safety workshop is just one way the New Life Center is working to equip and empower tribal teens for the future.

Thank you for your generous financial support, prayer and love that enable me to continue to be a part of helping to keep girls and young women safe.

Blessings, Kit