International Ministries

General and Women's Health Professionals Needed in the Philippines

August 25, 2017 Opportunity
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Samaritana Transformation Ministries, Manila, serves women who are either at risk or coming out of prostitution.  Many of these women don’t have the chance to communicate with older women (mother figures) about how a woman’s body changes as they get older, what to expect, and how to stay healthy as a woman. Along with women’s health needs, there are general health and safety needs, addressing subjects like Why do you not want standing water in your yard?  What is dengue and how do we fight it?  Cleanliness in the kitchen (home and work), and the huge difference that washing your hands means to your general well-being.  The women have also expressed interest in dental and eye care for themselves and their families as well as general health questions such as caring for a child, when do you go to the doctor, dealing with fevers, etc.

Global Servants: Jonathan and Thelma Nambu, Debbie Mulneix

Housing: Guesthouse of Samaritana Ministries

If you are interested in this  opportunity, please contact  or call 1-800-222-3872 ext 2245 .