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Disaster hits Haiti again

October 24, 2016 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. We continue to thank you for your love, your fervent prayers and your unconditional support. Many times over and over again, we have wondered what life would be like in our Haiti without your sacrificial support.

Our beloved country of Haiti has been hit over and over year after year. It seems that the country is on the express way of all natural disasters.

The country has not yet stood on its trembling feet from the deadly 2010 earthquake and now the hurricane Matthew immediately followed by the flood weeks after in the city of Les Cayes.

As you all know, for now the aid is coming from all sides for the affected region of the country. We know from the many past experiences that most of that help is going to the organizations that are devoted to helping the victims. Some will end in the hands of the people who are already well off and do not need it. Some of that helps will finish their route on the street markets for some personal gains.

Please let us all think what will happen to the poor in the remote areas where there are no express roads for TV to go and tell the story, where those who are not in our church system and those in our churches but have no big names or do not sit in the front pews. Let us think of those in the ravines and the mountains where there are no roads.  

All those poor with no name on their backs will need someone to help them stand on their shaky feet, to pray with them and to listen to their poor stories.

Kihomi is anxious to help and go where those women are. That has been her mission, her calling and her passion.

Again, thank you for standing with us.

Yours, serving the Master in Haiti,

Nzunga & Kihomi

Dear friends,

Please keep Nzunga and Kihomi in your prayers.  They long to be in Haiti helping those who lost everything in this latest disaster.  Unfortunately, they are in Arizona waiting to have Nzunga’s right knee replaced.  He is in constant pain and can hardly walk.  It was scheduled for November 7th but some pre-surgery tests have brought up some problems to be dealt with first and so I do not know if it is going to be possible to have the operation at that date.  Once the knee is replaced there is a long rehabilitation process, so when he can return is unknown.  Please pray he can get the procedure as fast as possible and have a quick recovery. 

In His name,

Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry


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