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Fired Up, Ready to Go!

November 14, 2016 Journal
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Fired Up, Ready to Go!

(My great apologies for no pictures this time...the internet connection is quite challenging, but I did not want to further delay this update. Look to send pictures soon!)

I first heard that slogan in 2012 after witnessing the galvanizing effect through a video during the pre-election.  I showed the video to the students at Teen Challenge, South Africa and they were in awe as well as inspired!  Now, 4 years later, I chant that to myself as I begin my entrenchment in the work to be done at the Baptist Vocational Training Centre (BVTC) here in Ghana.

YES, I AM HERE!!  I departed October 25th and arrived safely on October 26th!

On October 27th I traveled with my IM Area Director, Eleazar Ziherambere, who also met me at the airport, and BVTC Director Rev. Grace Akunor to surprise the girls at BVTC.  Word spread quickly as Dela was the first student to see me come through the gate. First shock, then contagious excitement as we greeted each other!

There are now 30 girls!

This ministry concerns all and impacts many as God continues to reveal its need.  This week the girls will further witness God’s love in action as it is the first full week of 3 group counseling sessions to be held, the first of 15 weekly individual counseling sessions and both the female and male students (10 boys) will discover the beginning components of their first ever Business Skills project!

It is because of your love and support has allowed me to be here truly as your extended hands and feet. 


Rovaughna “Kekeli” (my given Ghanaian name, which means “Light”)

Quick Updates:

·      Bear made the journey safely as well!  It was quite the 5-hour ordeal getting him through customs, though we had followed all paperwork!! God’s grace!

·       The barrel shipped from the states in August also made it Oct. 18th!  Thank you for all the donations…They SAVED me & continue to bless me!:)

Please pray that God's will be done...! 

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