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November 23, 2016 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. One the questions we are asked over and over again are about education in Haiti. What kind of schools do they have? Is schooling mandatory? Do girls go to schools? What do they do after they finish schools? How much does it cost to go to school?

Haiti has state run schools, the cheapest in the country but can be hard to get in there some time.  Catholic and Protestant churches run some schools arranging from kindergarten to universities. Some of those religious types of schools offer the best quality education and cost money to get in them.  Many private individuals have funded and are funding schools as a business making money.

We have praised God and will continue to glorify Him for allowing us to take part in the education process of many young men and young women in Haiti. Many of our former students are the leaders of business (banks, shops, schools, international organizations, churches, court laws, airports….). Their different positions in the society have been very encouraging to us.  They make us proud and we give honor to God.

For instance, at our university, the academic dean of studies, the deans of schools of theology, of business administration, the vice dean of the school of agriculture and the dean of student affairs were all our former students. Out of 6 or 7 board members of the Haitian Baptist Convention 4 were our students.

Beside those we have taught or are teaching now, we are also heavily involved in sponsoring some of those who are studying. For this present academic year, we have under our financial responsibility 7 girls in different nursing schools, 4 university students, 32 in elementary schools and 2 in high schools. It costs about US $ 1500 for a year of university studies in the country side. From twenty to thousand US dollars, one can send somebody to school where his/her life can be transformed for Jesus and for the world. This, we believe, is money well invested. The waiting list is long.

Thank you for being part of this enterprise of training leaders in our beloved Haiti. You are touching lives changing them for better.

Yours in Haiti,

Nzunga & Kihomi 

Dear Supporters,

All the experts agree that education is the number one thing that could help a country like Haiti turn around.  Most schools are private and many only go to the eighth grade.  Only about 20% of high school students are girls.  There are tuition costs that vary a great deal depending on where they are and who is running them.  Even so they would be small for us, some as low as $20 a year. Also, a uniform is required.  This alone accounts for some not going to school.  It seems like an unnecessary cost to me but the parents like it as a symbol of honor that their kid is attending school.  Some have feeding programs and when they do the grades are better and the number of girls increases. It is estimated there are over 200,000 children not attending school in Haiti at the present but enrollment rates are going up. 

You can help in this season of Thanksgiving by contributing to Nzunga’s Scholarship program.  Just write “Nzunga Scholarship” in the memo line of you check or if giving electronically in the comment line.

Nzunga’s Knee Saga

To update you on Nzunga’s knee situation we finally have a surgery date.  PTL!  Just when he was about to start over with a different surgeon, the one he was dealing with gave him a surgery date.  He said the time lapse was time for him to consult with other doctors about Nzunga’s white cell count.  They agree all is okay now. Now the date is December 12th which was originally November 7th.   Five weeks lost.  As you know Nzunga was able to obtain the other half of the eye clinic which has been refurbished due to a very generous donor.  He is expecting a very large shipment of equipment for it.  So, despite his knee pain he will retuning to Haiti Saturday and retuning on Dec 1st so nothing is lost and we are not overcharged duty.   

Please pray for an easy trip back, a successful surgery and a quick recovery.

In His Name,

Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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