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December 12, 2016 Journal
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NightLight International has been working to bring light and hope to those affected by commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking for eleven years. Though we have seen our impact grow over the years, there are still so many who are trapped.

This year, we invite you to join us in bringing light to those who are trapped in the darkness.  We invite you to help us end the night for so many who are without hope. Between now and December 31, we invite you to help us reach two goals:
• $50,000 in one-time donations
• $5,000 in new or increased monthly giving
Be a part of ending the night for women who desperately need to experience love, light, and hope.  To make a donation to NightLight, click here.

Unlike many of the women we meet, Ying completed high school, married, and started college. But despite these steps towards a better life, Ying still found herself in a life of prostitution.  Ying’s story begins like so many of the women from the northeast of Thailand. Her parents were laborers at a local factory and struggled to make ends meet. Ying studied hard, and unlike many of the women we meet, she completed high school, married, and started college. Her path to a better life through higher education detoured abruptly when her husband left her and she was forced to drop out of school. Ying moved to Bangkok and married again, but this marriage also failed after seven years. A friend introduced her to the idea of working in one of the bars in the red-light district. In her mind, Ying glamorized the job, seeing it as an opportunity to find a foreign husband. It was only when she started working and was handed a skimpy bikini that Ying realized the job was prostitution and reality crashed in.
Ying turned to alcohol to cope with working at the bar. After a few months working at the bar an American customer took an interest in her and they began a relationship outside the bar. When she became pregnant though, he refused to support the child and told her to get an abortion. Ying decided to keep the baby, ending their relationship. She moved back to her parents’ home in northeastern Thailand until she gave birth. She was hurt and disappointed that the man would not support her and the baby and felt ashamed for bringing the burden home to her parents.
After her baby was born, Ying left him with her mother and returned to Bangkok for employment. She worked as a masseuse and as a bartender. With two jobs, she could support herself, but she didn’t like working around alcohol and was afraid of becoming an alcoholic. A friend in a similar situation suggested they go together and apply for work at NightLight. Ying desperately wanted a day job and the chance to raise her son. NightLight accepted both Ying and her friend and they started work immediately.
One week later, at the NightLight annual retreat, Ying wept as she made a decision to accept Jesus as Lord. She experienced freedom from her past and the joy of God’s presence. Soon after, Ying brought her son to live with her in Bangkok. While Ying works as an office assistant, her son attends our childcare center. Ying’s life is now back on track for a bright future.
Your donations help women like Ying to successfully leave prostitution and to be employed at NightLight. Please partner with us in giving more women dignifying work where they can know their value and be guided by the Light for a bright and hopeful future.

 Annie Dieselberg
Founder and CEO
NightLight International

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