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December 12, 2016 Journal
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Sobbing in fear, Svey clung to her father’s leg and begged him not to leave her behind. She was only seven, and her father was sending her across the river from a bordering country to live with her grandmother in Thailand. Though she grew to love her grandmother, her aunt’s abuse was too much. Svey decided to run away and return to her mother’s embrace. Instead, when she reached home, her mother angrily beat her for running away and sent her back.  When she was 14, her grandmother died, and once again Svey was abandoned and vulnerable. Her uncle exploited her vulnerability and abused her for the next two years. Finally at 16, Svey ran away for the last time and found her way to Bangkok. The first woman she met introduced her to prostitution.  

Prostitution became a way of life for Svey that seemingly had no way out. Fifteen years later, Svey had two children through customers who would not take responsibility. When the youngest was born, she took him to live with relatives so she could keep working. While she was gone, her landlord locked her out of her room. Svey sent her 7-year-old to live with a friend who was a drug user. Svey had no options, and she worried about her son, but at least he wasn’t with her sleeping on the streets. Svey had no hope and didn’t know where to turn. Someone brought her to the beauty shop in our outreach center and she began to come regularly.

Svey has since been hired to work at NightLight. She has been reunited with her 7-year-old and has a new place to live. NightLight was able to assist Svey with getting her citizenship and her work permit to live and work legally in Thailand. Her son attends a school nearby.  Both Svey and her son have become followers of Jesus. Svey still has a lot of wounds and post-traumatic stress from years of abuse, exploitation, and abandonment. She is on the long journey toward healing and restoration in a safe place and with a community of support and love.  

Svey's new life is possible because of the support of our donors. There are many more women like Svey on the streets waiting for good news and hope of a new life. Would you consider making an end-of-the-year donation today to ensure more women will be restored in the year to come? We would love to partner with you in this movement of freedom!

Click here to donate to NightLight to #endthenight for women like Svey.

Annie Dieselberg
Founder and CEO
NightLight International

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