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You Never Forget

December 15, 2016 Journal
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When you feel invisible, a gift is more than a present. It’s a lifeline to existence.
Women from around the world walk the streets of Bangkok. They stand against walls late at night, dressed in seductive clothing and poised to entice men. They stand in the shadows and they stand in the streetlights, but they are not really seen. Sure, the men notice and turn their heads. Some pause to find out the price of this seduction, some take her and use her, and others simply glance and walk on. But no one really sees her. They see the pose, the clothes, the skin, the fantasy—but they don’t see her. It’s a lonely life for women of the night. They wear masks to hide their true selves, and after awhile, they begin to forget who they really are.

At Christmas every year, NightLight goes to the streets and the bars to let these women know that they are seen—not for their bodies, their moves, or their services, but as sisters of humanity with intrinsic worth. We give earrings and small gifts to around 1000 women. It takes only about a half hour to give out 1000 gifts; we choose a couple of bars and streets and focus on those.

“You never forget,” one Central Asian woman said to me when I handed her the small gift bag with earrings made by NightLight’s women. She has been on the streets for years, and she has received from us many times.

“You never forget.”

Those few words speak of the many times she has felt forgotten and unseen. “You have no idea what this means,” another said to me.

This year as you buy gifts for your loved ones, would you consider buying earrings from our store to give to the women of the night? The women of NightLight make these earrings especially for this occasion, and your purchase not only supports NightLight’s women, but sends a tangible message to women of the night: We have not forgotten you. We see you, and we remember who you really are.

Our goal this Christmas is to have a minimum of 1000 pairs of earrings to give to the women in Bangkok and in Springfield/Branson, Missouri. Will you help us meet that goal? Let her be seen this Christmas—not as a body offering services, but as a beautiful and unique individual whose value is not found in the price of her body. Through your purchase, we will give the gift of visibility, a lifeline to remind each woman of her true identity and of the hope of restoration.

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Annie Dieselberg
Founder and CEO
NightLight International

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