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Meet Pastor Emre

January 19, 2017 Journal
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Meet Pastor Emre


Pastor Emre serves a church about an hour outside of Istanbul.  The church is composed of about 25 attendees, most of them coming from Muslim backgrounds.  A couple of years ago, Emre was contacted by the police that there was a plot to kill him and that the plot was to take place right away.  A conspiracy of almost 20 people had been planning for some time to take his life.  Two members of this conspiracy even started attending the church, pretending to be interested in Christianity.  Emre so trusted these two that he even asked them to babysit his children.


By God’s grace, this plot was discovered just in time.  Emre, his wife and two young children are safe.  But some of these conspirators are still free as a trial drags on. Please pray for the safety of this dear brother in Christ and his family!


Emre’s church just held a very special Christmas event and he asks us to pray as they build relationships with those who attended.  Already one visitor to the Christmas event is coming to the church weekly.


Also, please pray for:


·       A new church they are helping to start in a nearby community.


·       The training of new church leaders.


·       Attendees who are threatened by family and friends if they continue coming to the church.