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They are headed home soon

March 24, 2017 Journal
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Dear Friends,

As you may know, Nzunga was scheduled to have a total right knee replacement on Nov. l1, 2016.  During pre-op testing the doctors found his white blood count was low and postponed the surgery.  After many meetings it was discovered that his white blood count is normal for African born men and rescheduled the surgery for Dec. 

Surgery went well but rehab has been a trial.  He had scar tissue issues and the process was very painful.  Finally he is doing well and the doctors will release him to return to Haiti in April.  He is scheduled to fly there on April 8th.   

Thank you for your prayers during this long painful ordeal.  His right knee was the worst but both before the surgery and after he has shifted his weight to the left leg.  Please pray the left knee does not need the same operation and least for some time to come.

After he returns you will see his journals again as usual.  I have had several contact me about the lack of them.  One person even thought he had retired. 

I have been to Haiti several times and walking is one of the major forms of transport.  I can't imagine how many miles he has walked in 20 years.  Father time won't let any of us be!

In His Grace,

Denny Shewell