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April 16, 2017 Journal
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He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Happy Resurrection Sunday! I am writing this as some of you slept, so this is a belated greeting. As promised, this is part 2 of our trip to Tohoku in March. 

Rifu Christ Church, a.k.a. Oasis Chapel is a growing church in northern Sendai, Japan. We visited their pastor, Makito Matsuda and his family. Before having dinner with them, we stopped at Morigo Camp to see the new things that the Lord is doing. Here is a two-minute video of our trip:

Pastor Makito has cast a vision for sharing Christ that their church, Oasis Chapel, has caught! Part of that vision is the transformation of the Morigo Camp grounds into Oasis Center, a facility that will be used year round. Last fall, a once-a-month evening service for youth and young adults was begun at the new chapel built on the grounds. (We attended the opening service!) Soon after, they began work to remodel the caretaker’s cabin. It became Café Oishian. The name means "Living stone" which comes from the Livingstones, IM missionaries who were instrumental in building Morigo camp. The coffeehouse opened to the public in January 2017. Pastor Makito’s brother, Ken, manages the café and is the coffee barista.  

The Café provides a lovely setting for a snack and casual conversation. It is designed as an "entry point." Events planned for the Oasis Center include concerts, parenting and couples classes, and worship. When people come, they are able to see what more there is. They can be invited to participate more fully and disciple making can begin. As some come to faith, are enfolded, and trained, they are empowered to multiply. Pastor Makito calls this his “Mt. Fuji strategy.”  Sharing the Oasis allows Jesus Christ to fill people’s deepest thirst with His Living Water.

Shalom House, a dormitory that survived the earthquake, has a new kitchen and shower/bathroom. It can hold up to 24 people (3 rooms with 8 bunks). The camp is less than 15 minutes from the church. 

If you are interested in the Oasis Center, or Oasis Chapel, please click on these webpages (Japanese only) for more information:

With Thanks and much Love,

Gordon and Lee Ann Hwang

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