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April 25, 2017 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Easter greeting. The celebration of Easter was also the celebration of three nursing graduates that Kihomi has patiently sponsored for four good years.  After the church service, Kihomi fed them the best and fresh meat she could find here: the goat meat. Before the girls departed our house, we sat down to give them some life advice and to pray with them. And Kihomi finished her discourse with the words of John 20:21 “As the Father sent me, I am sending you…”

When we look at the life of those three graduates we can easily tell that love is the power that can transform life and change ugly for good.  

Maudeline Louis is the oldest born out of 8. The mother was stabbed to death before Maudeline could turn to be a responsible person in life. She finished her high school studies by selling fruits and vegetables in the mornings and going to school in the afternoons. This is how she took care of her siblings. The father is nowhere to be seen. After high school, Maudeline was stuck not having anywhere to go. Kihomi learned of Maudeline’s life. After some years, she decided to take the girl from the Southern part of Haiti to the North where she put her in a nursing school. Before graduating,  Maudeline was offered a job in a private clinic. She is already paying for her brother’s education. He finished high school long time ago and could not afford to go to college. 

Wilande Robert, like Maudeline is the first out of 8 children. After high school, the parents could no longer help. Wilande was doomed to staying in her village-may be wait for a man. Kihomi met Wilande some years ago and remembered her as the girl who was coming to the conferences with her mom. Kihomi asked Wilande to follow her to Limbe for a talk. That talk got Wilande in a nursing school. She is from the central part of Haiti.

Adelphie Tony is from Ndondo and the first out 4 children. Adelphie become mother before finishing her high school. Unfortunately, the father of her daughter died shortly after the daughter was born. Adelphie was forced to stay in Ndondo to raise her child with no means and no solid education. For two years Adelphie suffered with her daughter. Kihomi learned of Adelphie’s situation in her many voyages around the country. She invited the suffering young mother to Limbe, our village. From there Adelphie found herself in a nursing school.

Today, none of the 3 girls will have the life they had in their villages. They are now college and nursing graduates with a different outlook on life.

How can Kihomi help change the life of girls and boys in this stricken Haiti without your prayers? How can she be the feet and hands of Jesus without your support?    Your help is not in vain. Kihomi knows Haiti and the cry of the poor, those with no voice because she knows where they live and she has been there. This academic year she has seven students in different programs.

Thank you for standing by our sides in this enterprise of wining and changing people for Jesus.

In Haiti,

Nzunga & Kihomi

Dear Supporters,

I have said many times that education is the path out of poverty.  Educating women is a priority of the UN because they are the ones who use their education to change things. 

Kihomi never “passes by on the other side of the road” when she encounters bright girls in impossible situations.  This is the story of three such girls but if you have followed their work over the years you know they are only a few of many who have had their lives changed due to Kihomi seeing them thru God’s eyes.  If she had the resources she would help many more. 

Let’s honor her by seeing the world we live in thru God’s eyes.  Every area has suffering people.  If you go to Go Fund Me website and type in the name of your town or city you will see what I am talking about.  I have found it very hard to get a church outside its walls or for them to get involved with people that are not part of their church.  I know it is scary and uncomfortable but that is what Jesus called us to do.  In my little town, there is a family of 7 where the mother has terminal cancer, one of the five children is severely disabled and the father can’t work because of both of these situations.  Our local weekly paper featured their situation and not one of our 108 churches in the county responded.  Myself and a friend of mind are trying to help keep the lights on and the rent paid but our resources are limited.  Plus, they need so much more than money.  They need a church or churches to adopt them and help with all the things of life, food, laundry, transportation to doctors, etc.  Even more so show them the love of God we talk about so much. That is not a normal thing for a church to do but we believe it is the thing to do in a 3rd world country and will send people there to do it.  Churches are closing all over our country and I believe this is why.  Much talk but little doing.  I’ll get off my soap box now.  Sorry.  



Because He loves us,



Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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