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Checking on HUrricane Matthew Victims -part 2

May 10, 2017 Journal
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Greeting. Please find here my four days’ report in the Southern part of Haiti where hurricane Matthew devastated the population.  I left my house on Tuesday April 24 on my way to Darbonne.        I visited women from Baptist Church of Darbonne.  From Darbonne, I was able to go to the Baptist Church of Cabaret, Deslandes and Carrefour-Dent. I also met Dear Loved Ones,

with delegates from different churches of the affected region. We talked about how it all happened and how they are surviving now. For many they are in survival mode. In one of the recent journals you saw some pictures showing how I got to these places.

 In general people have found their way of reorganizing their life. Some houses that were destroyed have been repaired in one way or another. Those that were beyond repair have been lost forever. However, I saw some that need some financial assistance to be restored.

The whole region is suffering of famine. Many gardens were washed away and cannot be replaced overnight. Even the Haitian government is asking donation to help the affected region. My hosts told me stories of people eating bark of trees for lack of food. Unbelievable!

Many women who were selling have lost all and are having a hard time to survive. They would like to restart and need some kind of support. I saw some naked children and was deeply saddened by what I was witnessing.

 Many families are still grieving the loss of loved ones. They are in need of counseling and spiritual support. I met with some and led them in prayers.

I would like to go back and spend more time counseling and encouraging families and women groups in the development domain.

Thank you for love and your support.

In Haiti.

Kihomi Ngwemi.     

 Dear friends,


This is a continuation of last week’s journal showing how hard it is to even get to this area.  Look at the pictures.  Can you imagine living in such a place?  Our resources are limited but God’s love that Kihomi brings to these poor people is limitless.  Let us pray that they can feel Him with them in their struggles.  Knowing Kihomi will come no matter how hard the travel is comforting I’m sure.

Following Jesus,

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