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And the journey continues...

May 14, 2017 Journal
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And the journey continues

Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways we cannot understand. When we came to International Ministries (IM) three years ago, the plan was to be in the mission field by now; but along the way we experienced bumps, detours and a year-long leave of absence.  Thank you for waiting patiently, praying, and being silently present with us.

When we said in our last newsletter “Keep calm and we’ll be back soon,” we meant it. Officially we’re back as Appointed Missionaries to Togo, West Africa as of May 1, 2017. Our ministry there will be threefold:

  1. To develop youth outreach ministries, and help local churches develop critical social ministries in response to needs in remote villages.
  2. To develop programs serving people with HIV/AIDS.
  3. To connect, equip, and empower church leaders, and retrain pastors for dynamic ministries.

So, we are reaching out to you to (re)join our network of supporters...

We do not want to be “forever fundraisers.” It is time that we move to the next stage: the mission field where our partners are eager to welcome us for long-awaited mission works.  

While preparing to return into missionary support raising, we have prayed and humbly reconciled with God and IM that we will work diligently to raise 60% of our funding commitments over the next six months, or we will discontinue our mission dream in partnership with IM. Without your partnership and recurring/expanding support, we will be unable to respond to that call. Your continued support will be a confirmation of our call that says “Yes, God called you, and now is sending you with our full supports.”

During our leave, Holale took time to finish and earn his Doctor of Ministry degree. Allow us to share a very encouraging quote from his DMin thesis with you:

"Whether we do mission, or provide support for missionary work, we respond to the same missionary call. Fund-raising can create opportunities to be missional for those with financial resources; and it can be missional for those who support the institutional mission funding model as empowering Missio Dei… Inviting the church to join in a mission financially is to make fund-raising our collaborative ministry as good stewards of God’s blessing… So, asking people to donate toward mission work is asking them to join in redeeming the created order."

This said, it’s clear that we are in this together. We pray and trust you will join us without delay by praying and/or by providing a sustainable financial support toward our mission.

You-Turn Mission team,

Awenam Anifrani

Rev. Dr. Holale C. Azondjagni