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Remembering Dr. Doug Miller

June 5, 2017 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. This is our way of remembering the one who has impacted our life. He was Dr. Doug Miller. God called him to glory on May 2 at 7:30 AM. This was the note I sent to be read at his celebration of life.

I knew Dr. Doug Miller in 1977 when I moved to Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary from the Democratic Republic of Congo then Zaire. Doug was my ethic professor. First I was very impressed with his ethical approach to life issues. He was real and very practical. His teaching method allowed even me who could not speak English to follow and to participate. Because of his teaching influence, I have become ethic professor in Congo, DRC, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Second, I learned from Doug how hard he worked. He did not place his PH.D. in front of him but placed work first. I saw him getting his hands dirty and was touched and impressed. The most important gift from him and his entire family was their unconditional love to me and all those who are mine.

Saturday May 27 was the celebration of Doug Miller’s life. My daughter Nzunga Magimvuyu Mumbere, her husband Dr. Allain Mumbere and their two daughter Mumbere Adrianna and Lisette Mumbere Amelia attended the celebration since we could not be present. This is her memory of the celebration.

We had the honor of attending the memorial service of one of my dad's dearest friend, Doug Miller. While it was great to hear how deeply he impacted the lives of his beautiful family and friends, it was most striking to witness how effectively he allowed God to use him to touch the lives of the least fortunate among us. 

The significant number of homeless individuals who came forward with a testimony about how Doug impacted their lives speaks volume about the kind of person Doug was and the types of ideals he lived by... He truly was A DOOR THROUGH WHICH GOD'S LOVE WALKED! 



In Haiti,




Dear friends,

Remembering those who impacted our lives in positive ways is always a good exercise.  None of us are who we are without guidance and love from others.  I never met Doug but know he was a great man who took Jesus words about helping others seriously. 

In His name,


Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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