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The Laboratory is Open!

June 5, 2017 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. This Thursday June 1, 2017 was that day I have prayed for, the day I have wanted to see come, the day for which I have spent sleepless nights. It was the inauguration of the eye clinic laboratory. That day coincided with the presence of Herb Roger who represented the Board of International Ministries of American Baptist Churches, USA. And cut the Ribbon inviting us all to go in.

The staff of the eye clinic, the nurse interns and some invites were witnessing an event they did not believe possible in their life time. Yes, the laboratory has truly opened. Reverend Dr. Emmanuel Pierre gave the charge to the whole community and Reverend Kihomi Ngwemi gave the final benediction. 

Many people are wondering why to have a laboratory at the eye clinic. Over and over again, time and time again, I have seen many of our patients wander around the city of Cap-Haitian without knowing where to go for the laboratory tests the doctor has prescribed. They wander around until they are tired and return to their villages very frustrated without knowing the where about of the labs.

Our doctors operated without knowing really what the patients have in term of blood analysis and all its diseases. We have witnessed children being born with eye troubles due to untreated sexually transmitted diseases. This laboratory will take the care of diabetic patients seriously and will fellow their progress on a weekly basis.

We are here doing what we are able to because you care for us. All the earthly glories go to you who pray day in day out for us. Please be assured that your support is not in vain.

In Haiti, cheri.


Nzunga & Kihomi



Dear Supporters,


I have often called the eye clinic a bright light in a sea of misery.  Now it shines even brighter.  Nzunga as dreamed of this day for years.  What a great day.  In the 9 years, I have worked with Nzunga he has constantly shrived to improve the services of the eye clinic.  It is now computerized.  They used to sort through donated eye classes to find what would work for a patient.  That often required them not to look thru the bifocal portion of the glasses.  Rarely did they have anything that would work for children.  Now he gets reading glasses for $.50 which meets the needs of the majority of their clients.  He also has a source for free eye glass frames.  Coupled with a low-cost lens maker in CAP they can fit people with the correct glasses they need.  Equipment is constantly being upgraded.  (If you know of any available let me know.  I have a crater and freight forwarder that can get it to them).  He has opened a second clinic up north plus goes on the road with a mobile unit on occasion.  Now he has added a laboratory.  I thank God for Nzunga’s vision and tireless efforts.  I thank you for making sure he and Kihomi are able to be in Haiti to show the love of Jesus in practical and life changing ways. 


Because He first loved us,


Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry


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