International Ministries

Community Health Assistant - Kigali, Rwanda (Long-Term/Career or Short-Term/Volunteer)

August 2, 2017 Opportunity
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Sierra Community Church (SCC) is a young Rwandan organization aiming to build strong and sustainable communities and local churches, based on a strong emphasis in teaching the Bible, training evangelists and pastors.  SCC seeks a person with training and experience in nursing, pharmacy, or community health to assist in implementation of health programs in local churches, fundraising and mobilizing resources for the building of a health center/post, and training and oversight for family planning, HIV control, and nutrition programs.  A candidate should have knowledge of family planning, nutrition, epidemiology and the capacity to establish and develop programs.  This global servant will also assist in development of trainings and Bible studies into a Bible school program. Current proficiency in or willingness to learn the French language is recommended.


To express your interest in this opportunity for long-term/career service, please fill out our Questionnaire for Career Mission Candidates and submit that by email to

The explore the possibility of short-term/volunteer service for this opportunity, email or call 1-800-222-3872, extension 2245..