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June 29, 2008 Story


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Typhoon Frank (International codename: Fengshen) triggered the occurrence of floodings, landslides, maritime incidents and power interruptions in most of the provinces of the 13 Regions in the Philippines.

The National Disaster Coordinating Council of the country reported that at least 540 persons were killed, 175 injured and 41 still missing. In addition, at least 730,735 families or 3,690,292 people were affected while 17 road sections remain impassable, including three in Southern Luzon, 11 in Western Visayas and three in Eastern Visayas. One of the most seriously affected areas is Iloilo Province, where a significant number of churches and intuitions of the Convention of Philippines Baptist Churches (CPBC) are located.

Ms. Feraz Legita, the Director of Development Ministries of CPBC reported that "About 80 - 90 % of our church members have either totally or partially damaged houses. Almost all of their belongings were washed out and very little or nothing was spared as they had to rush for their lives from the fast and strong flooding water. Most of our churches and their children learning centers are covered with mud including the materials."

Dr. Nathaniel M. Fabula, the Vice President of the Central Philippines University, reported that "On June 21, the Central Philippine University was flooded with water reaching a height that was never experienced before. There were places in the Iloilo city where the water was more than six feet and people had to move to the roof tops waiting to be rescued. The clean up of classrooms and offices with inches thick of mud are ongoing. Library books, computers, office equipment, documents, etc. were damaged beyond repair. Classes are suspended until July 7, 2008…. Electricity, telephone and water supply were cut off…. Telephone was restored first and then electricity last Saturday, June 28."

CPBC has provided rice, sardines, noodles and used clothing to 10 churches/ communities in Iloilo City. They have also started to provide bottle water, rice, canned food and box milk to victims of wider area. CPBC appeals to the global Baptist family to provide $42,000 to help this urgent relief work.

Rev. Benjamin Chan, International Ministries Area Director of East Asia and India has written to Rev. Job Santiago, CPBC General Secretary, and Dr. Juanito M. Acanto, the President of the Central Philippines University conveying the care and prayer for the victims on behalf American Baptist family.

The World Relief Office of American Baptist Churches has approved an immediate grant of $5,000 towards the relief effort. Donors may send a check payable to "One Great Hour of Sharing", and mark on the check "Philippines Typhoon Relief", and send the check to the World Relief Office, American Baptist Churches, USA, P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851.

American Baptists wishing to support ongoing relief efforts can do so through their church's monthly report of mission support, designating contributions "OGHS-Philippines Typhoon." For online contributions, go to the give now option available at

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