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September 1, 2008 Journal

Dear Partners in Ministry


Greetings from Thailand!


Laugh_smallAugust 2008 will be remembered as the month of visitors.  We hosted three mission awareness teams.  The teams got involved with our community.  Teaching, games, sports, and sharing their faith was the order of the day.  Our High school students enjoyed the opportunity to share with the visitors. Teaching them to make Thai snack food was a fun experience for both groups.  The youth teams shared their faith with simple testimonies that shared the reality of Christ in everyday life.  Amid the excitement of having visitors we continued our regular lives as much as possible, visiting in the community and working with the fellowship at Ban Sra. Please continue to pray for the group there as we continue to prepare them to take responsibility for themselves.   One of the members, Por Beng, has undergone treatment for thyroid cancer and has been unable to attend for the past month.  He is doing well but is too weak to come out.


We have split the kids off for a “Saturday school”. The three or four kids enjoy the time, sometimes taking a turn in telling the story.  They all enjoy the coloring or craft, and the snacks are always popular.  At the moment we are taking it in turns to teach the adults and children.


Inn continues to grow in her faith and it is fun to watch her take responsibility at church. She has become our Bible reader and last week helped Larry with the lesson.  When we visit her at her home she takes the opportunity to share her faith with her neighbors. 


Jan has been visiting with the hospital she has seen many needy people, the public health staff are keen for her to get involved with a couple of families in a poorer area of the district.  In one family, the husband has a degenerative muscular disease, and is bedridden. His wife is his care giver and their only son has been conscripted into the army.  Another family has a child with cerebral palsy and has had no therapy, at three years old he just lies on the floor wriggling around.  He is in the care of his grandparents during the day while his parents are working in the fields to support the family.


Larry continues teaching in the schools and is working with one of the principals in securing a visa for the Smiths.  He continues to look for opportunities to get out in the fields with our neighbors.  He went out rice planting with Inn’s brother this month.   It was good to share in a practical way with the family.


September is here.  No visitors but still plenty of opportunities to be salt and light.  May we all be that in whatever situation we find ourselves.


Yours in His fellowship


Jan and Larry



Prayer and Praise points:


Praise God for the opportunity the teams had to be involved / share their faith.

Pray that seeds planted will grow into changed lives.

Pray that we can start a “youth group” on Sundays with these kids. 


Praise God for Inn and her faith. 

Pray that others in her area will come to faith and that we will be able to start a worship service in her area.


Praise God for Por Beng, his faith and cheerful disposition, pray that the treatment will be successful and he is able to rejoin the worship service.


Praise God for the opportunity to join with the ‘home care’ program, and pray with us as we decide the best way to share God’s compassion in this situation.


Pray that the Smiths' visa process goes smoothly.  They have booked tickets for late October.


Pray that as we share with our neighbors through our words and deeds that Christ may be clearly seen.